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Selected Press

“The Moonbeam Factory's experimental work with subjects ranging from environment to sexuality, is giving original English theatre in the city a much-needed boost."

A Dramatic Turn of Events

Pune Mirror / May 3, 2015

“With their focus on originality and freedom of expression, their [Moonbeam Factory Theatre's] productions rely heavily on social messages.."

Meet the Theatrewalas on the Block

Golden Sparrow / Pg 8-9/ July 11, 2015

“[Elements of Change] also highlights similar stories from young people all over the world who are responding to the major environmental issues of today, celebrating the youth movement that is trying to affect change for a better present and future for all."

The Point comes to NYC for Climate Week 2018

Broadway World / Sept 17, 2018

“The new cohort of New Victory LabWorks Artists are Divya Mangwani, Mahayla Laurence, Melle Phillips, and Tidtaya Sinutoke. Now in its eleventh year, the New Victory LabWorks program has supported over 100 artists in the development of adventurous new work for young audiences."

New Victory LabWorks Artists

Broadway World / July 10, 2023

“The members of The Civilians' 2022-23 R&D Group are Clare Fuyuko Bierman, Adam Chanler-Berat, Xandra Nur Clark, Brandy Hoang Collier, Julian Hornik, Julia Izumi, Erika Ji, Divya Mangwani, and Andrew Saito."

The Civilians Announces Twelfth Annual R&D Group

Broadway World / October 22, 2022

“The Gingold Theatrical Group, now in its 17th Season, is continuing its new play development with the Plays-In-Progress AEA-approved Showcases of this year's SPEAKER'S CORNER Writers Group. This season, writers Aeneas Sagar Hemphill, Divya Mangwani, Marcus Scott and Mallory Jane Weiss are developing works in response to prompts from the revolutionary activist humanitarian writings and precepts of George Bernard Shaw." 

Gingold Theatrical Group Speakers' Corner

Broadway World / May 18, 2022

“The Lab culminating this fall (2019-21) consists of four pairs of generative artists: Keenan Hurley & Kedian Keohan, Nia Farrell & Talia Paulette Oliveras (aka Ta-Nia), Kate Moore Heaney & Divya Mangwani, and Jeesun Choi & Bryn Herdrich. From September 24 to October 17, each in a weekend of showings, they will share work-in-progress presentations of the innovative theater pieces they have developed in the Lab." 

Soho Rep Announces 2021-2022 Season

Broadway World / September 15, 2021

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