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             Divya Mangwani

Writer & Theatre Artist
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Elements of Change


Based on a graphic novel, the play brings to life the power that young people have to fight climate change and make a difference.

A commission by UNICEF, Hypokrit Theatre, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and Greenpoint Innovations, the play debuted at UN Climate Change Week and toured New York City schools. 

Sometimes, Stillness

Writer & Producer

A devised poetic dance drama with djembe music,  the play is a homage to Nirbhaya, the "fearless woman" and refocuses the conversation around the traumatic event. 

"Glassy stares
Eyes like wet buttons
Sold for change"


One, Two, Three

Writer, Director & Producer

Oona, Tina & Trina discover the absurdities of the arranged marriage process.

**Winner of best script, best director, best play and audience vote at international play competition Short+Sweet**  

Socrates' Last Wish 

Writer, Director & Producer 

A college professor conjures up Plato to ponder his disillusionment with the Indian education system. 

The absurdist play delves into morality, philosophy and the dangers of thinking for yourself. 


Part of You

Writer, Director & Producer

Prateek, an immigrant in a Western First World city, is forced to confront his alter ego and come to terms with his identity and sexuality. 

How far will you go to fit in with a society that wants you to cut out a part of yourself?


Writer, Director & Producer 

Drinking alone in an Indian city is taboo. So is sex. So is loneliness. And how do you reconcile with all of these social norms? 

The play explores how the conversation about sex shifts and changes in a conservative society through different perspectives. 

How do you think the world will end? 

Writer & Director 

In a dystopian future, a computer program interviews candidates to find the hope of our universe.  

An absurdist play about climate change, corporate culture and the apathy of people like us. 

Commissioned by Blue Frog For World Earth Day. 

Silently Screaming

Writer & Director 

Based on Edgar Allan Poe's short story, 'A Tell-Tale Heart', the play is a revenge poetic monologue of a victim of domestic violence. 


Commissioned by Gyaan Adab Centre for 'An Evening with Poe.'

Clearing the Rubble

Director & Actor

A radio play by Sahitya Akademi award winner Mahesh Dattani about the traumatic aftermath of natural disasters. 

Commissioned by Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe. 

Lost Stories

Narrative Collaborator

A story sound installation that integrates different methods of storytelling through personal and cultural narratives.

Immigrants that have left their countries still have their stories, their folktales and myths to connect them to their homeland.

Grant by Tisch GSO

Young Poets Society 


My poetry was featured as a resident young poet at Gyaan Adab Centre, a literary and arts organization. 

Time for one hot meal

furtively snatched from

the wada pav stall perched

on the corner of the pothole,

unashamed of its nakedness

in the middle of tar dust and

somewhere nearby, sometimes

fallen angels appear in guises

deceptive of mirage like dishes:



If you want to say hi, ask me more about my work or my favorite tea, please send me a message.

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